Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey

“The number of tourists that visited Turkey was 13 million in 2002. This number has increased to almost 40 million last year. In the same year 13 million people have visited Antalya, the tourism capital of Turkey. There are many alternative tourism types that we should turn to account throughout the year such as sports tourism, golf tourism, ski tourism, health tourism, educational tourism and cultural tourism. We need to increase the number of tourists visiting our country and the tourism revenue by extending the tourism season from only summer months to 12 months.”


Minister of Economy of the Republic of Turkey

“I believe we need to see health tourism as one of the most important economic sectors of the future. Apart from 40 million tourists coming to Turkey every year, we believe it will bring major benefits to Turkey's economy when we can also create an environment in which 600.000 - 700.000 senior tourists can sustain their lives for 12 months in elderly care centres in our country”.


Minister of Development of the Republic of Turkey

“In the history of mankind, the value and richness of the Mediterranean Sea and Turkey cannot be replaced by any other sea or region. The Mediterranean Basin has always been the centre of attraction because of the accumulation of civilizations, as well as its geographical and historical structure. Turkey will continue to implement related policies and make the necessary investments in order to develop tourism sector in the Mediterranean region.”


Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey

“In terms of culture, health, sports, education, youth, gastronomy and congress tourism, Turkey is a country with vast resources with both its historical background and infrastructure. If we can promote this country’s features to right audiences in a proper way, we can prevent our tourism to be dependent on the sea and sun and thus to certain countries and tourist segments only.”

Akif Çağatay KILIÇ

Youth and Sports Tourism Minister of Turkish Republic

“We have to develop the areas for sports tourism. Sports tourism revenues of our country should be increased by joining the strengths of our internationally acclaimed accommodation and sports facilities."

Prof. Dr. Recep AKDAĞ

Minister of Health of the Republic of Turkey

“Turkey has a huge potential for health tourism. We should make good use of it. In the coming years Turkey will be the country of opportunities for foreign investors as well. Our country’s health care system has already started to compete with other European countries’ health services.”



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